Monday, July 25, 2011

Collections Show and Tell

I have a lot of "collections", but one of my favorites
I keep all together on my studio shelf.

And now that I think of it, my chipmunk and squirrel collection
probably has been around the longest of anything that I collect.

Today I'm joining Suzanne over at Privet and Holly
for her Collections Show and Tell Party this week.

These little cuties usually spend their time here on the shelf,
but come Fall, they scamper around the house
hiding in many of my Fall vignettes.
It's about time to start dusting them off and watching them find
a temporary new spot.

This is one of my favorites, a new paper mache box,
that my daughter bought for me several years ago.

Some of the stuffed variety...

A birthday card from a few years ago,

Salt and pepper shakers,

creeping (not creepy) chipmunk planter from Japan,

Most of the figurines are vintage Lefton.

love the detail...

a Japanese Majolica planter,

These two on my front porch started it all.

A very old chalkware bank,

and a silver art deco/modern piece from my older daughter.

Hey!... what's this?

Sorry it's blurry, I grabbed this photo quick.

We have an abundance of both squirrels and chipmunks.
I feed the birds so they enjoy the leftovers.
The kitties would love to "enjoy" them.

Hope you'll join Suzanne for the linky party starting Tuesday July 26.
see ya there!

and Marty for Table Top Tuesday
and Kristin for Tuesday Treasures
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pottery Barn bedding peek...

Just wanted to share with you
my new pillow shams and duvet cover
from Pottery Barn that arrived this week.
The bedroom doesn't get a lot of light so it's hard to take photos here,
plus the rest of the room isn't blog-worthy at the moment;
hence the tight "bed only" shots.

The quilt is one my mother-in-law made for us about 20 years ago.
She has stopped quilting, but I have many of her lovely,
meticulously quilted pieces that I treasure.

I'm totally in love with this pattern, Camilla,
and think it really adds a luxe touch to the room.

As you can see, Miss Wrigley thinks I bought it for her.
She thinks the bed is hers and sleeps between us every night,
just like a spoiled kid.

I was happily surprised with the wonderful quality of his set.
The linen is heavy and true to color.

I'll get some more photos of the rest of the space soon,
I'm making some grain sack pillows today.
That's more fun than cleaning the bedroom!

love ya,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday # 47: My Potting Bench

I thought I'd better get this post out about my potting bench
before the snow started flying.
I had a lot of fun putting it together this Spring.
and guess what...
I've really been using it!
It's been great having a "garden central"
where I can keep all my garden tools, gloves, potting soil, etc.
Instead of searching all over the place for them.

Under the deck and sunroom is pretty dark and dreary.
I'd never really considered it as anything but unsightly

It's a place to stash pool chemicals, garden equipment,
and the occasional raccoon potty.
(you'll notice I won't be showing before photos)

(OK, this photo is a close as you get to having the feel of the "before")

I've wanted a potting bench for forever...
but duh...
it never occurred to me to put something...
under here.

I'd been thinking about a base table or bench,
and had actually tried another smaller one,
but that just looked silly and not to be taken seriously.

But a while back when we attended
ta da!!!!
there it was in all it's sturdy glory.
Just what I had been looking for.

I imagine it had been in someone's garage to use as a tool bench.
The top had been sanded down to the bare wood,
probably to get rid of all the paint can rings
(works for me!)

I wasted no time floofing it up with garden goodies;
old pots, a galvanized tub of my mil's, jars, seeds, and carriers.

I'd love to have a separate potting shed,
but in this neighborhood you have to get permission
from 50 committee members,

you actually have to build one...hmmm...

So, I'll just set here in my chippy Adirondack chair with a garden magazine
and drink my lemonade in the shade...

and try to avoid the raccoons!

Now for some fun from last week.
These are just a few,
I wish I could feature all of you!

Laura from B &B's Nest
takes us shopping where she finds this adorable mini hutch.

My good friend and super-talent,  Dore, from Burlap Luxe
shares her home "that speaks French".
If you've not met Dore,
please go visit, her blog is full of wonderful French inspiration!

Lezlee, from Prior came up with an "out of the box(springs)" idea for a window treatment.
Go check it out!

and Laurie from Heaven's Walk
creates a wonderful chalkboard, with a perfect message!

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