Regaining Your Health Series

Hello! This is a 8-Part Series that I have shared about two years in my life that I struggled through. If you have health problems and symptoms that aren't getting diagnosed, my story may help you make some sense of where you are, and get the help you need. Don't take no or indifference for an answer or excuse from the Medical System. Be your own Advocate.

A Year in My Life With No Answers

 Unraveling All the Symptoms

When You Feel Like a Walking Toxic Waste Dump

Finding All the Pieces

Part 5

(Important Information for Thyroid Patients)

So What do you Know about Gluten?

Part 7

What Everyone Needs to Know about Autoimmune Disease

Part 8

Digging for Exact Answers to All
My Questions
(coming soon)


  1. Me encanta volver a saber de usted bellísimo el arreglo de hoy y ruego a Dios que usted este bien de salud,cariños y Bendiciones para usted y los suyos.

  2. Thanks so much for this series! I'm interested in reading your posts!


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