Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Felted Birds

You've heard me sing the praises of the UK Edition of Country Living Magazine before. It's such a wonderful magazine that celebrates British country life with features on craftspeople and artists, recipes, farming, decor, fashion, and home; All things from the lovely rural areas of the United Kingdom. In the March 2013 magazine there is an article (being the bird lover that I am), I just had to share with you.

Eve O'Neill is a transplanted Londoner who now resides in Wales. An artist all her life, after her move, her love of nature and all things "small" were channeled into the creations you see here. Fforestfelt is the result of her amazing lifelike felted wool sculptures of birds and small animals from the Welsh countryside.

Eve gathers her inspiration close to home, as she sketches her tiny muse.

Eve also uses local wools and materials.
Here she is creating a tiny wren which usually takes a full day to complete.

A nest with hatchlings accompanies this little mama.

 You'll want to visit her Blog and Website to see more of her amazing creations.

I think this issue is still available at bookstores,
 but you'll want to see her lifelike creations for yourself
in her gallery on the website, where not only birds, but rabbits and foxes, 
and display cases are filled with tiny woodland creatures.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.
(All photos are my own, snapped from the pages of Country Living Magazine, March 2013)

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  1. What an artist! Her birds are beautiful!. Will go visit and see all of her stuff.


  2. what a gorgeous gorgeous post, the babies beeks made me break out in a huge smile. just lovely, all my favorite things so prettily photographed~

  3. Her birds are beautiful. That sure takes talent!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am a bird lover too. These are divine! I love the UK Country Living as well. Now i must run to Barnes & Noble and pick that copy up!!
    : ) Kris

  5. Oh to be so talented. I want one not just the magazine haha.

  6. Oh to be so talented. I want one not just the magazine haha.

  7. I have seen some images of felted birds on tumblr. They are likely hers. These birds are gorgeous. We have hummingbirds now-spring is here.

  8. I loooooove these! Going on her blog to ck. out her work. Thanks for the introduction. Jan

  9. WOW, they are gorgeous! Such talent! Thanks for sharing, heading over to pay her a visit...

  10. gorgeous! What an amazing talent! I love birds, too, and would love to have one of her creations

  11. Thanks for this... these are amazing. Love those little nestlings! ;)

  12. What beautiful work this lady does. The birds are so sweet. The British Country Living is a favourite of mine too but I haven't purchased one lately. I guess I'll have to do that this week! Thanks for sharing this article and the magazine. Blessings, Pamela

  13. Those are absolutely stunning!! What an artist. I'm in love with them.♥


  14. Beautiful creations! I'll have to pay her site a visit.

  15. Hi Debra - my favourite magazine!!! I loved that article. I so want a little robin - then it will always be spring in my house. J

  16. What a creative lady! I love birds, too, and have them here and there in my house, but none as pretty as these.

    I had a friend bring me home the British version of Country Living when she was visiting England and I loved it...a lot less ads then ours. Then I heard that you can subscribe to it on Amazon and I think I might since our Barnes and Noble is about 45 minutes away and I'm really never out in that direction.


  17. Thank you for sharing the enchanting work of this phenomenal artist--I am mesmerized by her beautiful creations!

  18. I am such a bird lover too...She is amazing, how incredibly beautiful her work is! Thanks so much for sharing, I did visit her website too.

    Becky @ Vintage 541

  19. This was really interesting, I loved both your post about Eve and her website. Thanks so much for introducing me to felting.

  20. I love that magazine and sometimes I can find it in France, mostly in the summer though, when we have British tourists around. I'll try to find that issue, you never know!

  21. That lady is impressive! I can't get over how real those birds look. They are beautiful! She has a real attention to detail, doesn't she? I love the material she uses to make those birds too. I love reading those British magazines. There's always something interesting from across the pond!

  22. Debra,
    What exquisite artistry!!!
    Thank you for sharing this article with us!!!

  23. Thank you for introducing us to her work!

  24. Wow, those are amazing! I can't even imagine making one.
    the enchanted oven

  25. Indeed AMAZING! What a beautiful job she does!

  26. Beautiful indeed! What an amazing artist.

    Thanks for hosting another wonderful party, Debra.

  27. When I first clicked on your little bird Icon I thought they were real. Simply amazing art, I'd say. She is so talented it would be very hard to pick a favorite. Being the bird lover that you are, which one is yours?

  28. Hi Debra!
    Thanks for telling us about this artist! I'm popping over to her website and then to the bookstore to find the mag.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  29. I hope to have a subscription to Country Living UK one day. Thanks so much for sharing this article with us. Eve O'Neill takes the art of felting to new heights. Just beautiful, and so inspiring.

  30. These are just too charming! what a delightful post!
    I get the U.S. Country living but will have the track down the UK version- Thanks for sharing the links to her site!

  31. I'm charmed...what lovely little works of art...thanks for sharing!

  32. These birds are amazing! I am heading to visit her right this minute.
    Thanks for sharing.

  33. I love when you can see the real Inspiration in Art ~ I think I will have to check out the UK Country Living, I don't think I have had the chance to see one ~ Thanks for always sharing & Hosting...

  34. How beautiful Debra. I love this magazine. Sherry


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