Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Troubleshooting" Revisited...a look at why your computer may be making you crazy.

Hi All you blogging buds.
Today I'm reposting something from last Fall, as it seems that problems with publishing posts, uploading photos, leaving comments, and all those fun hairpulling issues have resurfaced after the new year. Just some real life information on why you may be experiencing these problems. Here's the skinny...

First off, I am not a computer tech, or pretend to know a lot about the www or computers or browsers or search engines, yada yada yada. I'm a blogger that has been asked to jump through hoops in the last several months just to leave a comment on a post.

I'm not wanting to make enemies of large global corporations,
 I just would like to be able
to have my blog, and have it function correctly
without having to stand on my head blindfolded
and hope and pray that
I can put out a post,
upload photos,
leave a comment on my friends' blogs,
and have a happy life...
Is that too much to ask?
Gee, I think not!

After months of said issues,
last week I began to experience so many problems with commenting
that my frustration level was at an all time high.
Nothing I could do would keep my comments on the page.
Not even the usual aforementioned "tricks".

An at length conversation
with my knowledgeable business and computer savvy hubbs
convinced me that waiting this out for our friends at Blogger to fix
would not happen.

Now you will have to read between the lines of the rest of this post.

Recently Blogger was bought out by Google.
Consider this "team Google"

Windows and Internet Explorer are on "team Windows".
Are you getting the picture?
They don't play on the same team,
nor do they want to.

I changed out my browser to Google Chrome yesterday,
and now all is right in the blogging world.
I think Firefox and a couple of others browsers are also compatible.
You can check to see what you prefer.
I'm just saying that if you're tired of the hurdles,
 unchecking boxes,
null cookies message,
fussing and fuming,
loosing comments,
etc, etc.
You now have an answer to the problem.
It was created by the big boys.
And it's not going away.

Please leave a comment if you have experienced this problem
and/or you use Internet Explorer as your browser.
I'm not "taking sides"
just relaying the facts.

Apologies to all my blogging buds.
I have lost hundreds of my comments to you in the last few months.
love you all,

 Hope this helps some of you out there experiencing blogging issues. Trust me, changing to a new browser will take care of 98% of your problems.


  1. Hi Debra... we are on Firefox and it seems ok... several ladies recently told me they got error messages when trying to leave me a comment... I do think that is Blogger... and trying to get help from Blogger???... ppfffttt!... thanks for your post, xoxo Julie Marie PS Now I am waving my magic wand before I hit publish my comment... works like a charm!...

  2. Hi Debra, I hadn't posted for a few weeks and when I tried to make a new post this week I noticed that I can only upload photos when I am in the html mode. Is this just a problem I am having or has changes been made I hadn't heard about? Thanks, Connie

  3. Hi Debra! Oh, I agree. Now I've never used Explorer because I had heard dit was a booger. I downloaded Google Chrome and it worked perfectly for a couple of years but then my blog froze up, went away a couple of times. So...I got rid of Chrome and went back to the upgraded Firefox and all is well. I was not even able to see some of the snaps on some blogs and couldn't see videos. Ugh! Why won't they leave us alone?
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  4. I temporarily lost ALL my blogs a few months ago. I had to do the phone verification thingy to get them all back. All I was doing at the time was commenting on other blogs, so for a while there I was reluctant to comment on them at all for fear of losing them again.

    And it's true what you said about the browsers. I use Firefox with no problems (knock on wood), but on Chrome I keep getting all these underlined ads within the text of my posts and at the very top is a huge ad. I still don't know how to get rid of those little buggers, so I'm forced to use Firefox for now.


  5. Dear Debra,
    All you tell here I have experiensed too, and therefore I changed to Google Crome, maybe half a year fact Blogger directly wrote, that to be able doing certain things on blogger, one had to change to Google Crome...IT ALL WORKS PERFECTLY NOW! So whatever caused this ....I`m happy to have turned to another program, where I have no problems !!
    Hope you are doing great Debra!
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  6. Funny you posted a photo of a woman with a gun because sometimes I want to shoot my computer. Most of the time it's user error.... but recently I've notice that I can't respond to certain blogs. I use IE and hesitate to change to Chrome as my husband has had nothing but trouble with it. So now what??? Why can't they just play nicely together?

    Thanks for the info.

  7. Deb,
    So true. I had the same experience as you until switching to Chrome.

  8. Debra, I posted about this VERY same problem just last week!!! It was driving me crazy - I could not post photos anymore! And yes - the culprit in my case was Internet Explorer becuase I started updating my blog using Mozilla Foxfire and/or Google Chrome and everything is back to normal. It is very frustrating to a non-computer person (me) who is married to another non-computer person (hubby). Great post and I think it will be of service to SOOOO many people who have still not figured out that Internet Explorer is just NOT compatible anymore!... Donna

  9. I use FF mostly. IE got to be so frustrating.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. I only use chrome but know many that use IE. Great post to get word out there!

  11. Hi Debra,
    Thanks for the info. I wanted to respond to Connie above's comment. I am having the same problem I can only upload pictures in html so what I have been doing is upload in html my pics and then click on compose and they go to regular pictures you can see and adjust. I am so new in blogland that sometimes this is so frustrating because I don't know if it is me or something on blogger!!!! Thanks for the info. It is helpful.

  12. YUP, same problems here. I now use Picasa for my pictures and Google Chrome as my browser and all is well in my blogging world again...

  13. thanks Kris, for helping Connie out. Hopefully this info will help!

  14. Hi Debra,
    I downloaded Google Crome as well and I'm not having any problems... other than my GFC that I swear is broken. My numbers have always gone up by several a week then suddenly stopped and I might get 1 a month now... I'm not sure why the slow down to almost a stop lately.

  15. I also use Google Chrome and all is well with mine... knock on wood:) I also wish that everyone would take off word verification, so not necessary these days! Sometimes I have to try three times to get the comment to go! Thanks for the info and hopefully it will help those still having trouble! Oh, and another thing! With Google Chrome, you can download multiple pictures at the same time which is a HUGE plus:) HUGS!

  16. I had this problem and I "Googled" (LOL) troubleshooting and it directed me to a post about using Google Chrome instead of IE. I did it and my blog is working.

  17. Debra,
    Thanks for the info...don't know if I'm brave enough ( or knowledgeable enough) to make the change! At know why all the hassle!!! You're a gem!!!

  18. I'm with Pat, Debra. Coward am I. It would take a lotta guts for me to even research the Greek everyone's talking about here.

    I use Picasa for my photos and after three years of blogging only just learned to shrink my images for it. Hello!

    And while I know word verification's SUCH a royal pain, it prevents my e-mail inbox from jamming with spam.

    As for Chrome, Firefox and Timbuktoo, it's all Greek to me. Not a clue what everyone's talking about. HA! I'm a real piece o' work, aren't I?

    Have a great weekend,

    I had just done a post...did you know a christian could cuss.......I installed chrome and was locked up but I found about about html and compose..(((((whisper, rolling eyes)))))it is makes me laugh hysterical and so do your graphics

  20. I have told so many bloggers about Google Chrome lately my head is spinning. You are clearly brilliant.

  21. Great post Debra!! Luckily I use Firefox, so I haven't had issues for awhile other than Google selling my custom domain. Talk about frustrating!!
    Anyway, hope you have a lovely Sunday!!

  22. I changed to Chrome last summer when my computer geek son-in-law told me it would make my life sooo much easier. He was so right. Just lately I have been having problems to the point that I didn't even try to blog for about two weeks until I had someone come look at my computer. He said it was most likely the browser and he suggested going back and forth from G-chrome to explorer. It would happen on the blogs with a lot of advertising. My PC would freeze up and it was always on the same blogs. It seems to be a little better for the past couple of days, so I decided to hurry up and get a post up : )
    Thanks Debra for the info---I know so little about all of this, but am trying to learn.
    sending hugs...

  23. Hi Debra. I had all the same problems, one thing after another! I even deleted my old blog out of frustration. I guess I just didn't have your patience! I started my new blog, this time using the old blogger, plus google chrome! I already feel I can spend more time on friends blogs and not have to stay on my own fixing things! Thanks for hanging on and getting a solution! xo Pam

  24. Thanks for the post. I had no issues with Blogger until this past week as I cannot upload pics at all. No browse files buttons appears as it once did. I have to now upload through Picasa for unknown reasons which is a time-waster for me. I have no switched yet to Chrome. What are the +/- of doing so? I heard it slows things down. Help!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  25. Yep- That is what I have been telling people, too. Google Chrome seems to be the problem solver- xo Diana

  26. Hi Debra! I switched to Google Chrome a while ago and love it, haven't had any trouble. I also use live writer and have for a few years now, I'd never post with blogger again! Gee, I hope they don't read this or maybe the blog police will come after me! Thanks for sharing what you know!

  27. Thanks for the info. I haven't been able to download pics on my blog. I'll chg. to Chrome & see what happens. Jan

  28. I was having a "Object Error" box coming up on most of the blogs I follow and it was no way to read them, let alone comment. I switched to Firefox and all is well with the blogging world.

  29. Great understandable info...I use Firefox with no probs; but many of my blogger friends may find this helpful. Tiffany

  30. Changed to Chrome & was able to download pictures. Thanks so much for the help & saving my sanity!!! Jan

  31. I switched to Google Chrome a few months ago when I could not see half the pictures on others blogs. I was reading and wondering what pretty pictures I was missing. But I have found my old computer is always at odds with Chrome with things running and shutting each other down. I am saving for a laptop....Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have not have so many problems myself.

  32. I quit blotting 10 months ago, I refused to change browsers like they wanted the whole planet to do. my ie works better now than then, but its too big brother for me to ever give in, hence missing emails and comments are just what goggle wants us to have... you can't argue with free, join them or lump it :-(

  33. I'm fairly new to the blogging world and just recently started having issues with Blogger not uploading my photos with IE. So I checked on the blogger forums last week and decided to switch to GChrome so I hope it does what I need it to do. Thanks for sharing this helpful post!

  34. wow! Itoo cannot upload pics to my blog or see pics on some blogs! One day my browse button dispeared!Im so lost This is really depressing to keep having all these problems with blogger!

  35. Oh my gosh - thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! Perfect timing!

    Literally, with a pain in my neck from trying this past week to get into blogging FOR THE FIRST TIME, I thought I must be missing something when I tried to upload photos. I finally used Picasa, and it came together, after disabling my firewall, clearing my cache & cookies - you know the drill!

    I was ready to write a private message to you to ask for help, Debra, as I really love your style in blogging (and I may still write, as there are so many things I want to learn, but don't want to lose what I've already accomplished by messing too much with it).

    It's nice to know the answer, but sad that these two (Google & Windows) can't get along.

    Thanks for the "om" with my morning coffee this morning!

    Rita, aka Panoply

  36. I've been telling people the same thing. I'm not happy about being controlled by Google, but I also like a peaceful blogging life.

  37. Hy Debra.
    I have used Internet Explorer for so many times that is a bit dificult to me to change right now. But since I also have post problems with my blog, I choose Chrom for now on. Even thought, I also had problems with Chrom posting photos, and I had to pass in HTML mode to finish the post. Hugs, Cristina

  38. I have this SAME post in my post drafts!!!!! And I did the same thing, I switched out to Google Chrome, however the print is TINY on other things and it saves my passwords to facebook and other things (not that I'm hiding anything but still weird) and I still do open up internet explorer when I want to open my mail so I can read it, LOL! If you can ask your computer savvy hubs how to get it to appear BIGGER I would be forever grateful! Everything I have done so far has not changed it! I am going to need cheater glasses to blog!! :)

  39. PS the woman with the rifle made me laugh out loud!!! And exactly how I was feeling last week!!! LOL :)

  40. no problems.(knock on wood)...using firefox...keep us updated on the chrome....

  41. WOW, I have had a couple of weeks off from blogging and am not looking forward to going back today as planned ! I have seen so much talk in the blogworld this morning to make me shudder. I had to start paying for uploading my high resolution pics to my blog just before Christmas. It's a small ammount and I like my high res pics so I consented. The powers that be are simply being greedy and causing so many problems that a lot of bloggers who aren't technologically minded just cannot get their heads around. Unfortunately they leave us with little choice but to follow their requests or suffer.
    Thanks for posting this advice today, I am so happy to have read all of these comments so as to not feel crazy when I run into these problems myself.

  42. I've had problems, too. I can't copy the code to add a party link at the end of my post. I get a message that the link doesn't exist. I found I could make a link and do a few other things and (almost) achieve success to join a party. Sigh.

  43. Thanks for posting this, Debra. I have had many problems and now I understand why. Sounds like Google is acting "Apple" like in not playing well with others. Very sad. There is room for all of them.

  44. I'm on Firefox and for the most part no problems... I'm not very computer savvy but I gave up one day after pulling out most of my hair and tried something different and never looked back, sounds like I did something right!

  45. ...Debra!
    I can't even begin to express my frustrations with blogger lately!!

    up to this past Oct., I was content with the old blogger way ~
    and knew it like the back of my hand ~
    sure, a few issues would crop up every now and again, but NOTHING like what I am experiencing now!!
    I LOATHE this new blogger
    and it is NOT my friend at the moment!!
    nor do I have time to "be at one" with it's new, "improved" ways


    I have been seriously thinking about pulling the plug on it all because of this frustration...
    which would be such a shame as when it functioned properly ~ without all the hoop jumping, I did so enjoy sharing and reading others kindred hearts blogs...

    I am currently Internet Explorer...and CAN'T even see a button to upload photos on my posts like I once was able to do with no issues...

    ~ your explanation makes perfect sense as to why...
    what to do????!

    xo, Rosemary

  46. Thanks for this post, Debra. But, I have a question for you....I'm on Firefox (and IE) and I STILL can't upload photos without clicking on the html tab when creating a new post. Plus the constant disgusting ads that overlay my design post and pop up all the time drive me nuts!!!

    What am I doing wrong yet? Do I HAVE to upload Chrome to fix this? Is Chrome different than what I have now? And how do I clear out my "cache"...?

    Thanks again, Debra!!!

    xoxo laurie


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