Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who they are...

My daughter Erin, and her husband Keith, recently had some professional photos taken at their home in St. Louis, (and the alley behind their 106 year old home). This is typical Erin; dress and heels, and Keith; jeans and a button down. couldn't be any better at getting to who they are. The grandpuppy, Vinnie, is also along for the shoot. "he's the baby, gotta love him." So I'm just sharing one photo here, and then asking you to click over to the website of the photographer, Kortni Wu. (Kortni has a sweet commentary on the shoot) Hope you enjoy...now excuse me while I wipe away a few mommy tears.

oh,  and I told Erin my favorite was when she was fixing her heel,
 but she said,
"actually I was kicking Keith's butt".
she's a hoot.
yes, notice the red soled bottoms,
they're her new Christian Louboutin's.

find the rest of the shoot, HERE


  1. Debra,
    Beautiful photos of your sweet daughter and her husband.And of course your grandpuppy Vinnie.How cute is he!

  2. Hey, I know all those people...even Vinnie!

    But where's my fave, Boscoe? ;-)

  3. Debra,
    What a beauty Queen your daughter is...Vinnie is so adorable my Charlie is my baby. I tell ya what would we do with out our fur babies? Have a lovely evening.


  4. Just gol' darn precious.
    We have a family full of journalistic phototographers,
    so I very much appreciate every single shot!

    I was transported right to their backyard!

    mommy tears are in order!

  5. I looked at all of them and love their candid quality.

  6. Debra,
    What precious photos! Love it when they're holding each other..."Can you feel the love?"" So~o~o romantic!!! I understand the "grandpuppy"...we just finished "granddog sitting" this past week while our son and daughter ~ in ~law were on vacation! You are truly blessed!

  7. Oh I love a good family photo shoot. Off to peek.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  8. Hi Debra: What beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple, and little Vinnie. You should be proud and thanks for sharing..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  9. Girl...I'll send you a case of Kleenex. Fabulous photography, gorgeous daughter, handsome son-in-law, and cuter than all get out pup! I'd be bawling...and beaming!
    P.S. If I tried a little fancy footwork like a side kick...I'd end up on my fanny and wouldn't that be a money shot?
    Wish I had the legs to pull off those shoes..both figuratively and literally.

  10. What gorgeous pictures! Such a treat :)

  11. What a beautiful couple. Since I live in St Louis I enjoyed seeing the pictures!

  12. o. my. goodness....Debra! What a gorgeous couple they are!!! And your daughter is the spitting image of you...I love each and every pic and the pup is just priceless! I love her little side butt kick, she sounds kinda spunky :)! Thank you so much for sharing your family with us dear girl ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  13. Great photos - what a beautiful couple !!
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Really sweet! I've always regretted not having more photos of just us.

  15. My blog had so many views today because of you! These kind words are so wonderful to hear. Thank you for being a blessing to my day :)

  16. Beautiful couple and pic's
    thanks for sharing these with all of us too

  17. Looks like a photo from a magazine taken with two gorgeous models. Your daughter is beautiful. I always love seeing photographers websites.

  18. Beautiful picture:) I know it was a fun photo shoot! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  19. gorgeous couple, debra:) the pics are awesome, and my fav is the one with the shoe!

  20. I love the photos...really special...and oh-so-charming!

  21. What a lovely daughter, and son in law, and although the dog is adorable, hopefully you will have human grandchildren some day.

  22. I love the photos! What a beautiful couple and your grand puppy is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Hi Debra... and thanks sooo much for stopping by today!... I just visited the photo shoot, wow!... what beautiful photos!... my favorite also is the one where your daughter is fixing her shoe... looks like that is right out of a French fashion magazine... also love their sweet pup of course!... your daughter dresses so pretty!... I wish I loved to dress up like that, but I dress more casual, like her hubby chooses to... xoxo Julie Marie

  24. Wonderful photos. Both are very photogenic..and of course the little doggy! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  25. Is that pup as sweet as he looks in the pictures or another Cujo?


  26. Yay!! You earned two spots as a C&B contender! YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!

  27. Great pic..heading over to see more!


  28. Debra your daughter is so pretty and what a handsome couple they make along with the cute gran dog.I'm going to pop over and look at the other photos, but first I want to thank you for stopping by, leaving a sweet comment and following my blog. I have been a long time follower of your great blog. Thanks again!

  29. Great photos, Debra. Love those shoes and the dog!

  30. Just Beautiful photos! Lots of wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing.


  31. Debra, They are such a cute couple and your daughter is beautiful! All of the photos turned out wonderful. If she ever gets tired of those shoes she can send them my way.

  32. What a beautiful and sweet cupple ,they are, dear Debra.The photoes with Vinnie and her people, are all fantastic, dear Debra.
    Hugs and a happy weekend to you.

  33. What a great photo! Classic to be sure, they look adorable and I love their dog!!


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