Monday, October 3, 2011


First off, I am not a computer tech, or pretend to know a lot about the www or computers or browsers or search engines yada yada yada. I'm a blogger that has been asked to jump through hoops in the last several months just to leave a comment on a post.

I'm not wanting to make enemies of large global corporations,
 I just would like to be able
to have my blog, and have it function correctly
without having to stand on my head blindfolded
and hope and pray that
I can put out a post,
leave a comment on my friends' blogs,
and have a happy life...
Is that too much to ask?
Gee, I think not!

After months of said issues,
last week I began to experience so many problems with commenting
that my frustration level was at an all time high.
Nothing I could do would keep my comments on the page.
Not even the usual aforementioned "tricks".

An at length conversation
with my knowledgeable business and computer savvy hubbs
convinced me that waiting this out for our friends at Blogger to fix
would not happen.

Now you will have to read between the lines of the rest of this post.

Recently Blogger was bought out by Google.
Consider this "team Google"

Windows and Internet Explorer are on "team Windows".
Are you getting the picture?
They don't play on the same team,
nor do they want to.

I changed out my browser to Google Chrome yesterday,
and now all is right in the blogging world.
I think Firefox and a couple of others browsers are also compatible.
You can check to see what you prefer.
I'm just saying that if you're tired of the hurdles,
 unchecking boxes,
null cookies message,
fussing and fuming,
loosing comments,
etc, etc.
You now have an answer to the problem.
It was created by the big boys.
And it's not going away.

Please leave a comment if you have experienced this problem
and/or you use Internet Explorer as your browser.
I'm not "taking sides"
just relaying the facts.

Apologies to all my blogging buds.
I have lost hundreds of my comments to you in the last few months.
love you all,


  1. I just had to stop by when your picture appeared on my sidebar. It made me LOL! I can use all the tips you can give. Thanks.

  2. I have read on a few other blogs users having the same problems. It probably is related to the browser. Much like how it is almost impossible to use microsoft products on a MAC system. Hopefully chrome solved your problem, it is a nice browser!

  3. That is crazy . . . but glad that your problem is fixed.


  4. Dear Debra, thanks for telling this- well you know how many problems I have,-just like you, so I can imagine you are right, this is the reason- I will try to do something about it, when I have a little spare time.Thankyou sweet friend.

  5. I hear ya girlfriend! After pulling out most of my hair, I got on the Chrome bandwagon have been one happy blogger ever since! All my prior problems went away, except for the fact that most of my photos on old posts are gone... just vanished into thin air! I don't blame Chrome for the photo problem I think it was because my old lap top crashed and I could not transfer files from it to the new one, so I'm assuming that the photos from old posts died with the old lap top.

  6. I have had the same problem for months, I too have done all of the same things you have done. But to no avail. I guess I will have to try Google Chrome also.

    Thank you for the tip.

  7. I have been having a lot of people complain that they can't load my blog or get an error message or like you can't comment. I wonder if it is because they don't have google chrome. I feel awful when they leave these messages and I have no idea what to do. I thought maybe it was my blogher add. I feel your frustration.

  8. Ah ha! I knew something weird was going on! I was getting the irritating cookies msg and could not leave comments on most blogs. I just wanted to cry because I spent a bunch of time trying to fix it this weekend and it didn't work. I put a plea out on my blog today and luckily my dad called me and walked me through "removing cookies" and I can comment again (for now). I am thinking of switching to google chrome, but am scared too in case that ends up causing headaches too!

  9. I use Internet Explorer and have had no problem leaving comments after I clicked off "keep me signed in". I have had several people tell me they cannot leave any comment on my blog.

  10. I totally believe you that this is the issue. Because I exclusively use Chrome and never run into any of the problems others have experienced and couldn't figure out why I was exempt from it all makes sense! Good sleuthing Debra! Sorry you've been having so many problems, but I'm glad you have it figured out now. On a personal note, I love Chrome! I keep trying to convince my husband to use it instead of IE when he browses. Oh the complicated maze of the WWW. lol


  11. I switched to firefox months ago...and it is so much better...still a couple of quirks, but nothing like IE!!

  12. I've not hd a lot of problems but I use firefox. Hope switching to google Chrome helps you!!

  13. Ahhhh.... yes..... I have even questioned about whether or not to continue with blogging. I ask myself at times.... Is it really worth it??? We will see.....

  14. I've used google *chrome* for a long is so much faster than Internet that is must be why I haven't had all of the issues you guys keep talking about:)...I only have it because dd installed it and told me it was better...I am clueless your image though...she was quite a beauty!

  15. This is definitely caused by some sort of incompatibility issue with IE and Blogger, and your husband is right ... eventually Google will get everything ironed out. There's no standardization between browsers, and some work better than others for different things. For now, IE appears to be awful for Blogger.

  16. Yes, my Dear Supporters were having a lot of trouble leaving comments and had to e-mail me or leave a PM to let me know about the problem. I lifted my word verification & thankfully that helped with my particular Blog issues... good to know the behind the scenes story though... I noticed a lot of peeps have converted to some new & "improve"??? format which I find to be difficult to follow & keep as a fav, which is unfortunate if you'd like to support & keep updated with fav Blogs. Guess everyone has to do whatever they feel is right to make it less stressful & the fun it should be. I so enjoy Blogging & try to keep it simple for my sake since I'm Tech Challenged & know it! *winks* Glad you got your problems resolved & that I can still follow your delightful Blog easily.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  17. Glad you got it worked out. I have a mac and use safari for the internet and haven't had a problem leaving comments. I have noticed a drop in the number of comments left on my blog though. I guess all of this could be the reason why. Thanks for letting us know!

  18. sorry you had that experience but feel better that I am not alone! many followers have told me that they have not been able to leave comments on my blog, very frustrating. thanks for the top to try another browser.


  19. I have not noticed an issue with comments, but Blogger seems to be dropping page views. Each day, my monthly page view or visitor stat is lower than the day before. Very weird. Thanks for the heads-up!

  20. I haven't had any problems, but I use Safari as my browser. (I have a MAC) However, I do lose my followers (I mean they all just disappear from time to rhyme or reason.)

  21. I've never had any luck trying to get something figured out through Blogger, only through my wonderful blogging friends out there. I've been having this same problem for over a week now. It happens on almost half of the blogs I try to comment on. It works fine if their comments are set up like yours in this separate comment box. Otherwise I've been having to allow for 3rd party cookies, post the comment and then change my privacy settings back. Way too much trouble. I use IE and will seriously think about changing to Google Chrome. Thank you so much for posting about this!!

  22. I applaud you for writing down or remembering all the error terms we have been seeing. The "redirecting" one didn't bother me, as it allows the comment to go through. I figured it was just another hoop or loop, but the null cookies one is raising my BP.

  23. You may recall I posted about having problems leaving comments on peoples blogs. I was able to fix that through Internet Explorer. I went to Tools, Options, Privacy and then changed the setting to "allow all cookies". After that, I never had that problem again! It can be VERY frustrating when you can't do things the way that you should be able to.

  24. Thanks Debra! I haven't been blogging as much in the last week or so but have had problems leaving comments on some blogs.
    You know I always thought Blogger was Google. What do I know:)


  25. i use aol and rarely ie, never once a problem for me~

  26. I started using Firefox about three years ago when I was on rate my space. Internet explorer was just way too slow.

  27. My Firefox has been crashing lately when blogging. So, downloaded Google Chrome and that does help. I have IE at work and that makes it so hard for me to visit blogs and comment lately. I like to do that while I have lunch. Helps me stay in touch with everyone. It has been a bear the past two weeks.

  28. I oversee code writers for a living. We consistently have problems with IE not being "up to date" with the latest and greatest web design/ability. Chrome is usually wonderful to work with, Firefox works well but is a bit of a resource hog. Safari doesn't cause much problems for us, but seriously... IE? aaaarrrghh

  29. Yep, I finally went to firefox and my problems went simple as that more internet explorer for me!

  30. Sorry you've had all those problems, Debra. I, too, have been a Firefox/Mac user for years, so I thankfully haven't had those errors. Glad you've found a solution. What a frustration!
    Hugs from here,

  31. I love Chrome too! Thanks for sharing such an enlightening post! I get so frustrated too!

  32. Knocking on wood, but have not had problems and I use IE8. I have heard others say they have issues leaving comments and also heard if you don't stay "signed in" you have better luck. I've not been brave enough to switch browsers just yet, although I heard Google Chrome was a good one. May do that one of these days.

  33. I have been using google chrome for almost as long as I have been blogging. My son set it up for me telling me it was the way to go...those kids know what they are talking about!

  34. Just happened upon your blog and glad that I did. I in no way am very tech savvy, so therefore I do not know what google chrome is, nor do I know how to get it..Hopefully, I can figure this out, because I for one have had a lot of difficulty leaving messages. thanks for this infor...

  35. Thanks Debra, I too switched to Google Chrome but I still cannot post on a few of my favorite blogs. I've tried everything. Ugh, this techie stuff is too stressful sometimes.

  36. Sorry you had so many problems. I have Firefox and things have been fine.
    Seems as though a lot of folks are experiencing issues.

  37. Debra, I switched to Chrome a few months ago after experiencing so many problems. Glad everything has worked out for you.

  38. Thanks so much for the tip. I just thought Blogger hated me.

  39. I've been using Firefox a couple years. I guess thats why I didnt understand the problems others were having with blogger..
    I'm glad you could get your fixed as we dont come here to be frustrated:) this is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and maybe it will be for you now. Good Luck~!


  40. I had the same problem. I sent you an email on how I get it to work. I have been trying to tell other bloggers, but so far no one has told me if it works for them.

  41. Love the post..but the shot with the glasses? to die for!! glad all is as it should be!

  42. I soooooooooooo feel your pain!!! Why do they have to mess with stuff??? It seems like that is the name of the game these days... Have they never heard "If it ain't broke don't fix it"? Have a great week. HUGS!

  43. I switched to Firefox about a year ago and am happy with the results

  44. I love Google Chrome and have used it for some time now. It was a cure to "this page is not responding" that I always got from Microsoft.
    Thank you for the tip, sounds like the battle of Armageddon of the internet world is warming up.

  45. Just popped in to say I'm still here.

    Love you.

  46. I have a Mac and haven't had any trouble commenting in Safari or Chrome. The only trouble I have when I use Chrome to do a new post when I preview the post and close it out I have to open up my blog again. If anyone can shed any light on that it would be great.

  47. I have had the same problems with leaving comments on SOME blogs, not all???? Makes no sense to me! I am SO not techy!!!! Hubby has been working in computers for 40 years and couldn't figure out what was wrong. I THINK I installed Google Chrome, but not sure it "took"???? See, told you I am clueless:):) XO, Pinky

  48. Debra,
    Love your new header! I have been using Chrome since I started blogging. My stepson, who set me up, makes his living writing code. He said Chrome is the only way to go, and I do love it. Glad you solved your problems. I know it was so frustrating!

  49. Debra, thank you so much for posting this. I've been having numerous issues in the last few weeks and could not figure out what was going on. I've been dreading commenting on blogs due to this. Now at least I know the reason why.

  50. thanks debra, i will give chrome a try!




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