Friday, June 3, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #40: Indigo Ticking

Blue ticking is a staple for me.
I've always loved it.
Simple, homespun, timeless.

But, I'm not really a "blue" person.
I don't use a lot of it.
but I do love mixing and matching indigo ticking
with all kinds of prints and colors.

I borrowed a stack of vintage Victoria Magazines from my mom,
and fell hard for these images.
(Sorry for the image quality. I scanned, then cropped.)

It even lends itself to the elegance of French furniture,
when paired with a romantic large floral toile.

Ticking was produced as a mattress and pillow covering fabric
as in early years most mattresses were made from straw or feathers.
A tight woven, durable fabric was needed
to keep the feather shaft from coming through.

I'm fortunate to have two sets of vintage ticking feather pillows
that were made by my husband's grandmother;
still in pristine condition.

Most of the vintage tickings have a feel almost like denim.

(All of above Victoria Magazine, June 1997)

(Country Living site)

(Pierre deux)

(Country Living's "Celebrating Home")

Whether you're working with primitives...
American Country...
English Country...
or Country French...
ticking can be used to mix and match.

It will compliment an old quilt or coverlet,

(Country Living site)

or linen and lace.


(Ralph Lauren Home Collection)

Soon I'll be changing the sunroom out for a patriotic theme.
and my Indigo ticking will be right at home.

What's been inspiring you this week?

Hope you'll join in for Vintage Inspiration Friday!
"anything vintage or vintage inspired"


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(don't tell anyone!)

I'll be linking up with these parties for some weekend fun.
(Find the links on the sidebar.)

Hope you're having a great week,
love you all,


  1. I feel the same way about the ticking, I gotta say I think it's part patriotic and part the feel of history in it for me. I don't have it around the house either, but I'm thinking I can add some to Max's room. Actually, I just came in to check on him, I was doing a bit of much needed weeding and he is napping because he has been sick since Mon. with the flu. He was still asleep so I thought I would take a break and check on blogland and there you were at the top of the list! Thanks for the party Debra! t. xoxoxoox

  2. Hi Debra... I also love ticking... how lucky you are to have some wonderful old pillows out of it... I always look forward to how you decorate your pretty sunroom for each holiday... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Hi Debra, Isn't it amazing how the design pics in the older Victoria magazines are timeless. I still have several that inspire me. I may even have this one; I'll have to check my stash. I love your selections and inspirations. I also love ticking fabrics, even though I don't have any of the originals. I mixed black ticking with red toile in our guest room, and love it.
    So nice that you have some original pillows from a grandmother.
    Thanks for hosting. Hope you have a great weekend!
    ~ Julie

  4. What a yummy post! Such inspiring rooms. Great for summer. It makes me want to just throw everything out and start all over!xx

  5. ...i simply adore the direction your eye has been taking us lately!
    another fabulous Vintage Inspiration Friday:)
    xo, Rosemary

  6. blue and white ticking is an all-time fav of mine. I use to have a sofa in ticking and now I have a floral that i am trying to get rid of so I can get back my ticking sofa. Loved looking at all the above images, Kathysue

  7. What a inspirational post. I love Indigo ticking. some great ideas. thanks for sharing

  8. Blue ticking always looks homey and pretty to me. It is a country classic! Thanks for such a pretty post, and I think you did an excellent job with the scanner.

  9. Hi Debra,
    Funny how Romancing our home with old clip art from older issues never fail us. We can look back at issues years back and still find inspiration and passion for all things creatively restyled.

    I love that simple white iron bed floating away from the corner with the French doors open to a perfect beauty...Calmness!!

    Thank you for refreshing our love for all things gathered with these back issues.

    You never disappoint us over here!

  10. I remember my grandma having a ticking mattress filled with sheep wool and I had a pillow when I was little, I had it for about 21 years until I got married, I loved that pillow. Thank you for sharing this post today!
    Have a lovely day!
    XXXX Ido

  11. I love blue, especially combined with whites an grays. It's one of my favorite colors. :)

  12. I love the blue ticking. It says summery/Americana to me. Thank you very much for the shout out for my hydrangea drying techniques. (Or lack thereof!)

  13. love all these ticking photos...great inspiration!!

  14. Hi Debra!
    Finally I managed to join you for the party!
    Blue and white ticking is a favorite of mine too, I re-uphostered a couple of old chairs with it, and I love them! Thanks for sharing inspiration and beauty!

  15. I absolutely adore ticking.
    Only I love black and cream ticking
    It is what my all of my curtains in my home are made out also reminds me of my grandmother.
    Something in her home must of had ticking on it that is stuck in my head from being around her so much as a toddler.
    Can't wait to see your sun room come into summer.

  16. Oh, I love ticking,too. So country and always reminds me of when I was a very little girl.

    Thanks so much for hosting and for putting Mr. Linky up early. :)

  17. I too love ticking! I have been thinking of doing a post on it. I recently won the most beautiful ticking pillow and it got me to thinking how much I love the fabric. Reminds me of my grandma's house.
    Thanks for hosting this party!

  18. Debra, I have always been a fan of blue ticking and blue striped anything. I used to have a lot of blue in this house when we built it and then I started loving the greens and reds and mustards. I still love blue though. Thanks for hosting.

  19. Debra,
    I love this post on ticking! This is the fabric to get right now. My local supplier has been out of ticking for months. It can be coastal or French. You just can't go wrong with it! Perfect choice. Thanks for joining me again at HSH! Love the blue bird tea cups in your header too. The whole header is gorgeous! Lovely photography with that new macro lens!

  20. Oh I love the indigo ticking. I have pillows like it in red. I like blue a lot, but just use a little. Enjoyed all the old magazine photos. Great inspiration there.......Thanks for hosting your Inspiration Party.

    The French Hutch

  21. I love ticking so much better than burlap! I just got my new Victoria in the mail today, by the way.

  22. Love all of those beautiful ticking fabrics! Great features this week. Thanks for hosting Debra!


  23. Yes, I love ticking so much, I bought my 4 yr. old granddaughter a beautiful quilt, toile on one side and blue ticking in the other! I love your bench! I agree, it's for every decor., all the patterns go with every style you choose! Thank you for sharing and for hosting this great party. Hugs. FABBY

  24. So glad you did a post on ticking. I love it!

  25. Be still my heart!!! I love ticking too. When I was little, I remember every pillow in our house was ticking. I know you cherish the old ones you have now.

  26. Such a lovely collection of photos! I have blue ticking on my couch from Ikea and love it! Going to check out some of the links now!


  27. Thanks for hostessing again, Debra~ I've just linked up some of my vintage wedding cabinet cards. I love ticking, although I don't have very much. Wouldn't you just love to have that porch with the draped sofa on it?!?!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  28. I Love Vintage Ticking Fabric too Debra... I have a MASSIVE Collection of old Down & Feather Pillows covered in Ticking of a Variety of beautiful old fabrics.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  29. Blue and White ticking always seem fresh and comfortable to me. Very inviting and timeless. You have chosen some beautiful images!


  30. I like me a good black and white ticking! Not as traditional as blue/white, but still a classic. Love all your pics, Debra! This is a style that will never go out of style. Thanks for hosting the party. hugs, Sue

  31. Love pretty ticking Debra and all your inspiration pics are beautiful! Thanks for hosting! :)

  32. BEAUTIFUL ticking pics! I always get SUCH an inspirational shot-in-the-arm from visiting you, and I'm just TICKLED PINK that you featured the mirror from my puny little blog!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!

  33. Blue and white ticking with toile...gotta love it! :-)...Debbie

  34. I too love ticking and have some in my home.Though I do think you need to like blue, it looks awesome with red/white/blue yum! My daughter has made me a few darling ticking pillows with a ruffle.Love all the photos~Cheers Kim

  35. Hi Debra!
    Thank you for hosting another fabulous VIF! I too gather much inspiration from back issues of Victoria magazine! The styles and trends they feature are so timeless!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  36. This is a beautiful post Debra! Isn't the older versions of Victoria Mags the best? I still keep mine, they are timeless just like the blue ticking and toile. Happy Friday!


  37. You always have the best post! I love this one about the blue ticking and also the one with all the Scandinavian sites! It is always lovely over here! Thanks for hosting! Christie

  38. LoVe those "Cherries" In-The-ChiPPy-Basket...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  39. what a lovely post & such beautiful images i also love ticking

  40. I grew up surrounded by classic blue and white just says home to me!

    Have a great weekend Debra!!

  41. Yep, something about ticking just says Summer to me. Maybe it's because my mom one made me summer play clothes out of it, thinking it would wear well or because the pillows at summer camp always had ticking. Thank you for bringing back memories with your lovely photos.

  42. Hi Debra, I love the old Victoria Mags! I have a huge collection if you want to borrow some. I love their pictures! I can't wait to see your sunroom decked out for the 4th! I plan on checking out your new booth at Relics this weekend ; )

  43. all linked up my friday the new header photos...and who knew we had so much in common? i too am a victoria mag fan and i adore blue ticking, but don't seem to decorate with blues very much...great features...have a wonderful weekend!


  44. I'm normally not a fan of blue but I absolutely adore your ticking treasures. Great look!

  45. LOVE the 4th of July quilts. Thank you for hosting such a fun party!

  46. Hi Debra!
    I love blue ticking!
    I have always wanted to have my sofa upholstered in it!
    I do use alot of blues in my home but I still consider the indigo like a pair of jeans~goes with everything!
    thank you for hosting this event each week Debra!
    I often stop by (even when I can't link up)and visit the links and am truly inspired by the posts that everyone leaves!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  47. I am in the midst of redoing my front living room for the summer. I was inspired by my recent trip to Brittany. My blue ticking is right as home as well. :)

  48. I LOVE Ticking! It reminds me of the Good Ol Days when our pillows were all of this comforting fabric! I also LOVE blue&white for the hot summer days. It's such a calm and comporting combo.
    Have a wonderful and fun weekend,
    Hugs, Donna

  49. Oh Deb, LOVE your header, WHAT is the make of the cups with the little birds??? LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

  50. I love indigo! Gorgeous photos! Thanks for taking the time to host this beauteous party!

  51. I have collected tickins ,too, from flea markets--and have them in all colors,-I think. One particulary I love is a beige and cream striped childs cover ,which is in a wicker chair in my sitting room- but you dear Debra, having the 2 sets from your husbonds grandmother,- that is so special .
    My kitchen is blue-but not indigo--more like some furnichures in soft blue-and for them I like the tickins.
    Wishes you a lovely week-end dear Debra,

  52. I've never been a fan of blue for decorating much either, but I can't get enough of blue striped ticking! Beds always look so fresh with it, like in your 4th pic!

  53. There is not one thing about this post that has me feeling blue.


    GORGEOUS! ALL of it!!!


  54. Great party going on. Joining for the first time.

  55. Debra I LOVE ticking of any color! BEAUTIFUL photos! Martina

  56. Fell as soon as I saw your 1st image of the sofa!! Debra great examples! It is such a nice crisp look for spring and summer or the beach house!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my Amazing $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

  57. I adore all of your photos, My mom has all the vintage Vitoria Mags, too.


  58. Oh my, what a feast for the eyes, and so many links, I don't know where to start! Patsy from

  59. Gorgeous images! Love ticking, although I don't have any:( Hmmmm, perhaps I will hit the antique store today! Have a great day my friend, HUGS!

  60. Love the simplicity and the beauty of the ticking! The color is outstanding! How wonderful it is for you to have your handmade treasures - love your choices and of course LOVE Victoria!
    Have a wonderful Day,

  61. Lovely photos Debra!! You would LOVE Peacock Park warehouse sale!!! Oh the bargains!!!!

  62. Great photographs of the stripes, and thanks for hosting Debra! Happy to have found you through At The Picket Fence!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  63. I'm not a fan of blue myself, but I have to say these photos are very appealing! Love the comfy look everything has, says flop on me! lol! Have a great Sunday!

  64. I love blue and I love ticking....Those photos are timeless and all so beautiful! I think if I look hard enough I could probably find that old issue of Victoria in my stash. lol.....hope you are having a good Sunday evening! :)

  65. Hi Debra, I am also a fan of blue and white ticking and I would love to find some vintage fabric for pillows. Great inspiration pictures! Thank you for joining my party.

  66. I loved your post. I'm not much of a "blue" person either but a sprinkle of ticking here and there mixes so nicely with almost any decor.

    Thanks for sharing your French inspiration.

    Blessings... Polly
    French Cupboard &
    Counting Your Blessings

  67. I love indigo ticking. A favorite laundry of mine. I don't decorate with it, but every time I see it, I consider it! I'll be featuring this. Thanks for linking with Air Your Laundry Friday! ~Jami

  68. i'm not into blue either, but I can see why you fell hard for these images... stunning!


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