Wednesday, January 6, 2010

White Wednesday on "White Mountain"

It seems that there are a lot of us out there in blogland that are under a blanket of snow. The beautiful white fluffy kind, that covers the dreary landscape and glistens in the sun like little diamonds. I have some favorite magazine images of snow, and the ones I have chosen for this White Wednesday evoke a time for family and a day filled with outside fun on a frozen pond.

In southern Missouri outdoor ice skating can be dangerous at times, so there isn't as much here as further north. It takes many days of below freezing temps to prepare a pond for skating, and since that usually doesn't happen here, I will just dream about this beautiful setting, instead.

This is what I'm really enjoying,
a movable feast on the ice.

Love the chippy table and chairs!

And oh, the beautiful!

And of course, after a day outside,
a warm bath for the kids...

and a cozy nap.

Beautiful sunset to linger over.

(all images January 2001, Country Living)

Go visit Kathleen at Faded Charm to see how
everyone else is spending their day!

Hope you enjoyed your day in the snow.


  1. Great images for today...we will be getting another 2-4 inches of the white stuff. The roads are ice this morning...and when watching the early news, I am thankful for the road and driving regulations in this country! They showed scenes of an intersection in Russia - repeated accidents - crashes with large delivery trucks, passenger cars, etc - and one fella getting tossed out, spread-eagle - onto the intersection from his little car while drivers zoomed by and around him!!! They said this happens because Russia does not have rules and regulations on driving - only "suggestions"! YIKES!!!
    Have a fun day!

  2. I can't imagine being snowed in. We are having some unusually cold weather here in the south. Temps have been in the 20's over night and going into the teens this weekend with a possible snow. BRRRRR.
    The photos are so lovely and inviting, even the ones outside.
    Blessings and stay warm!

  3. The snow is so beautiful and I love the photos that you have shared. However, I am grateful to not have to deal with the problems that snow brings.
    Debra, I did a post a couple of days ago linking my post to both of your sites. I enjoy them both so much and wanted others to know about them. Have a great day. P.S. Please keep praying for my son. He is still struggling mightily.

  4. You've captured some of my fav images that I too have bookmarked. Happy Wednesday to you!

  5. I saved that article, every winter I pull it out, hoping to persuade my husband to flood a rink out back so I can hold a similar party. If he actually does one year, most definitely, you are invited... Wouldn't that just be the most fun party? So beautiful. I am going to email him your link as a gentle (or not so gentle) hint. Thanks for sharing. Hope you and your family are having a wonderful beginning to 2010.

  6. We had a couple days at our home similar just no ice skates. Maybe when the grandkids get older we can do something like that. Our pond is in the shade up front and is always covered with snow though. Beautiful pictures, I get that magazine quite often. At one time I had such a stack that I finally had to break down tear out all my favorite recipes and pics and give the rest away. I think it took me a week of evenings and some weekends to get through them. And I had a hard time leaving most of them intact.

  7. Beautiful whiteness! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures:) Have a blessed day!

  8. Beautiful photos Debra! We never get snow, but they are predicting "some" for tomorrow. We will see....

    But it IS cold. We have not gotten above freezing this week and it is 18 degrees right now! Us Southern girls are NOT used to this! We got thin blood!!

    Wishing you warm cozy days...

    Lou Cinda :)

  9. The picture of the child asleep on the couch made me realize what I want to do to my couch. Love all the pictures from Country Living but sure was disappointed in their last magazine. So afraid they'll stop printing too. Stay warm the next few days. Jan

  10. Oh, Debra!
    I always love your posts .... but just HAD to tell you how much I adore the "nap" picture! The al fresco lunch looks a tad chilly -- but I guess that's where hot flashes can be a blessing, lol!
    Hugs and have a super day!
    Betty :)

  11. Hi Debra,
    Well, I must confess, that even those pictures made snow a little appealing and cozy to me...but I am such a baby when it comes to being out in the snow. Remember, I am spoiled (by the weather) being raised in sunny California and have never really been "in" the snow. I got the royal introduction when my daughter lived in Montreal for 5 years...oh baby, now that's cold!...Needless to say, I am so glad she's now in Birdrock, CA!
    Have a superfantabulous day, Debra!

  12. Hi Debra! Happy NY!! We remember that magazine spread...we loved it then, we loved it today!!!

  13. You know Debra,
    I think that is the first clawfoot tub I have ever seen where they left it chipped and rustic... I like it and I am dreaming of one in my hopeful new house...and a very large walkin shower. Oh to dream!

  14. I so enjoy the mini-vacations you take us on!
    Beautiful and relaxing.

  15. Debra,
    these pictures are marvlous. I think I'm stuck in one of the only places in the country that's not blanketed in snow! Miserable, really...ah well. I can look at these pictures and dream :)

    Happy Wednesday,

  16. Hello Debra
    Still among the living here :)
    I have been jumping through hoops now for 2 days with my internet and I still haven't gotten it running...tonight I stop off at Best Buy and get a ethernet card and try that. I have only had this Dell a little over a year, you would think it would be dependable. All my pics are on it and the computer at work is fine but doesn't have the software that I need-so no WW for me.
    I love your skating pictures-I spent every winter on the lake by our home either skating or fishing when I was growing up. We are expecting snow 8 to 10" here this the longest month of the year starts! Don't enjoy the snow like I used to!

  17. Looks like a Winter Wonderland. What a beautiful place to live. Hope you week is going well so far.

    Take care,


  18. Hi Debra, Did you know this is one of my all time favorite issues of CL ever? I never tire of seeing these images, and to see them here on your blog...well, that's perfection!

  19. I am loving that header pic! And wow. I do love your white pictures today. The closest I come to ice skating in Poetry is slipping on ice from my house to the chicken coop. Oops! Happy Day! ~Mindy

  20. Dear Debra,

    I would like to be in any and all of the pictures. LOL I am living vicariously through your snow. It's just cold here... no snow. ;-(

    I could play the "he loves me, he loves me not" with the flowers, have dinner with the winner of the flower contest on the ice... and then play a mean game of ice hockey... oh wait, I don't know how to play hockey.

    I'll just live winter life vicariously through you. LOLOL

    ;-) Stay warm!!!

    Much Love,

  21. Love the photos. Especially the children and the roses on the ice - so fun.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  22. Hi Deb, Gosh I loved all of the pics. and am racking my brain at how I must have missed that issue, I would have remembered it for sure. Our town used to freeze the baseball field for the kids to skate on. They haven't done it in a couple of years and we miss it so we drive to the next town over to skate on their baseball field and sip hot chocolate. They turn the lights on at night and play music for everyone all for free! That's a great day in my book! ~ Theresa

  23. These pictures are gorgeous! I have always dreamed of a ice skating pond too, it seems so old fashioned and romantic. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  24. Hi, Debra,
    I definitely enjoyed my day in the snow. Loved all of your wonderful images and wonderful whites. Happy White Wednesday to you! Stay warm and cozy and enjoy the rest of your week! Vicki

  25. Debra...great photos my mountain top does look like that most of the winter...Many blessings to you this coming year my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  26. Just look at those buckets of roses on the ice! That is so tranquil and lovely.

    I actually learned to ice skate on a frozen pond in Montana as a child> I had to laugh when you mentioned there not being time to "prepare the pond for skating"....girl, we just threw on our skates and headed out to the lumpy, bumpy, uneven-surfaced pond and let 'er rip! We were TOUGH little kids. ;-)

    Thanks for helping me to relive such sweet memories!


  27. I adore these photos that you have chosen, Debra. Just lovely to look at!

  28. i love these images and happy to have finally come by to see you.

  29. Debra - adorable cuties bathing but ahhhh the roses - love the buckets of roses! Jennifer


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