Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Magazine Inspiration, Green Picnic Tin

I just love magazines. I love the printed page and photographs. I think it's because I can savor them... and then pick them up later and see something completely new. I have magazines from the mid 80's that have just spoken to me. I know we all have favorite images that capture our thoughts and hearts; images that say, "this is me, this is how I feel." That is why I like to keep my header photo changed up. I like change; something new and fresh, that says. "I'm feeling like this today". I may not be able to duplicate that look, but it's something that inspires me.

Last fall I did a couple of posts about "Magazine Inspiration". You can read about them here, and here. So I have in mind to do a few similar posts for this Christmas. I have a subscription to "Midwest Living". I believe they are the same publisher that does "Southern Living", which I also love and subscribe to. Someone there must love vintage, because every issue they have at least one major layout that involves antiques and vintage subject matter. Check out their website, here. Not only will you enjoy great recipes and decorating articles, but you get to see some great places in the Midwest. I live in southern Missouri, so we are at the very bottom of the Midwest, and at the very top of what Southern Living will allow in their magazine. So...I enjoy both.

This photo and article is one from the current November/December 09 issue.

I found this old green picnic tin at an outdoor flea market this last summer. I've had several in the past in better shape, but sold them. dumb. So I thought I'd hang on to this one even though it's a little rusty.


I'm a pretty traditional gal when it comes to Christmas. I have to have a "red and green" theme somewhere! I have a lot of styles and concepts that I love, so I like to dabble with decor. (as you may have noticed) 
My sunroom always reflects the season and "garden-y" things. I love the white wicker as a backdrop for all my quilts and seasonal goodies. Right now it is cold, brrrr. So I can't use it for lounging, but it is right off my kitchen and it's the first thing that I see in the morning besides my coffee cup. I like to keep it bright and cheerful, and that helps keep ME bright and cheerful. OK, well you know, at least it's always something fun out there.

I didn't need the tin for a buffet this Christmas,
 so it's here in the sunroom holding a small faux tree,
(looks real, doesn't it?)
some potpourri, garden tools and some peat pots.

It's definitely Christmas out here!

I'm hoping to show you the rest
 of the sunroom next post.
I have a few more things to put together.
Be sure and wear your sunglasses!


  1. Debra...I like your version of the Christmasy picnic tin better than the magazine's. I have one of those tins. I'll have to file this idea for another year!

    Christmas Blessings!

    P.S. I too am a sucker for magazines :)

  2. Of all the photos you show of your home, I, I know...I love the sunroom the best! I feel like I'm home when you put up photos of it regardless of the season!

  3. What a great basket and it can be decorated for so many season. I love it. You have done a beautiful job. I so agree, it is really so wonderful to just look at all the pictures in magazines and see what you can borrow from them. Hugs, Marty

  4. I only put out about half my Christmas decorations. The theme this year is a simplicity.

  5. Looks like Christmas in your home! Love the basket, I'll have to be on the lookout for one like it from now on. Love the tiny tree in it.

  6. That is just too dang cute!!! And I thought the tree was real.

  7. Debra, I admired the magazine with the green picnic tin and honey yours is just as pretty! I love magazines too and keep them forever:) I like to look back at the pictures for new ideas from old ideas! Love your blog always! Have a blessed day!

  8. Debra,

    Thanks for such great ideas...I just love the picnic tin and will have to do that...precious!

    Thanks, your blog is so inspirational!

  9. Love it Debra! And can't wait to see the rest of your sunroom. :)

  10. I wish I had the room to save magazines. Like you, I savor every page and word. Sometimes I wonder if I should create a 'decorating file' as some do, but I am afraid I would neglect to look back at it. So I love how you found this picture and were able to do your own thing with that tin. It looks fabulous and I love your sunroom. Can't wait to see more of it!! :-)


  11. Debra, I just love your sunroom. I think it so cheerful and warm. Just like the one who decorated it! But that little tin is just the right touch to bring the Spirit of the season into it. Man, that little tree looks so real.

    i love magazines too for the reasons you just said. I can go over and over them and always see something that hadn't struck me the way it does when some time has past.
    I always love my visits to your place.

  12. Such a cute idea. I have one of those green tins (picnic basket at our house when I was a child) mine is alittle worse for the wear too. Next year I will have to pull it out and try this idea! Thanks

  13. I love your interpretation of it! Its perfect. And I like that mag too. Sometimes better than SL, which has gotten kinda predictable!

    yapping cat

  14. Your sunroom looks so inviting! I love the picnic basket you put together, it all looks wonderful ! ~ Theresa


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