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Hi Everyone, I hope you've been a follower of mine for awhile so we know each other. I've been blogging since June of 2009, and now have a monthly rate of  over 110,000 unique visitors. For the last year or so I've been posting 4 or 5 times a week, and have two weekly parties, Be Inspired Friday that brings in a lot of weekend traffic, and since I really enjoy promoting others, as I have also started a Monday link party that promotes Etsy and Online Boutiques, The Marketplace at Common Ground. I also reserve the ability to accept only those that fit well with my beliefs and my blog, Common Ground.

I'm currently only doing a three month package.
$30 for 3 consecutive months for a 150x150 button square on the sidebar. I will be promoting your selling site and products at least twice a month in my "Sponsor Spotlight" which is located at the end of my four weekly posts, which will include photos of at least three of your items, any promotional and discount information, such as codes, and a link to your shop or store. 

$50 for 3 consecutive months for a 350x150 spot.
and includes the regular package options.

If you don't have a 150 x 150 graphic, or a 350 x 150 I can design one for you for an additional $20 fee with your base image.

Email me at oliverdeb@cloud85.net if you're interested, and be sure and use the phrase "ADVERTISE" as your subject on the email.

* I do not take third party guest posts unless I have an advertising relationship with you, and then it would be at my invitation.

Thanks so much,
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