Saturday, May 2, 2015

Friends tell friends...

when they are a "No-Reply" Blogger!

Sara Midda, In and Out of the Garden
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About a year ago a sweet blogging friend you all know sent me an email. The jest of the message was that she wanted to "respond" to my comments that I had left on her blog posts, but couldn't because I was a "No-Reply" Blogger. "What???" I thought, "you're kidding!" But sure enough I was. She was kind enough to let me know, because I had no idea. You might be thinking, "well, that's not me", but most of you are. When we switched over to Google + our blogs automatically became "no-reply". This is what it means. If you don't have your comment setting associated with an email address that is set to return comments to your email address, no one can get back to you from your comments.

Each day I go through my emails, and so many times I want to thank you, or get back to you with an answer to a question, but I can't. I don't remember how many times, I've typed out a comment, but when I've gotten ready to send it back to you, it goes no where. poof. gone. out in cyberspace and you'll never know that I, or many others have tried to respond to your comment.

Actually about 3/4 of bloggers are "No-Reply". Yesterday, I was reading your comments in email, and 10 people in a row were "No-Reply". To know if you are, all you have to do is leave yourself a test comment on your blog, then go to your emails. When you click on that "comment" and click to send a reply it will show if you have an email address next to your name, or if it says "No-Reply Blogger". I bet some of you will be surprised!

I hear so many people complain about comments in general, but they are not receiving the ones that friends are sending. I'm sharing this with you today, because I'd want to know if this was happening to me. I'm giving you a couple of links for you to read and follow. All you really have to do is to "google" Are you a No-Reply Blogger or something similar. There are YouTube videos and a number of places that give instructions how to fix this. Please check out those posts and video tutorials, they can explain it so much easier than I would be able. It's a little of a process, but easily fixed. Click HERE and HERE.

OK, thanks everyone,
 please double check to see if this applies to your blog.
P.S. If you want to stay a "No-Reply" blogger I totally respect that.
This is for those who didn't realize they couldn't get replies.


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