Friday, June 6, 2014

Hmmm...Is that mine...?

Have you ever been blissfully wandering through images on Pinterest when you all the sudden stop and think "Hmmmm....that looks alot like my picture?" Well, it's happened a few times to me and I've inadvertently done it to others. The most likely reason is a photo that had not been watermarked or tagged, from before Pinterest took off. Then everyone realized if they wanted to be credited for an image, or just have people click back on their blog, that we needed to make each image watermarked with our blog.

So...last night I was going through Pinterest when I saw this; a blog post from Karen at The Graphics Fairy about being able to find the original source of a photo with a little trick on Google Images. Here's the link for after you read this. Be sure and save it, so you can have it yourself.

I was pretty sure that first image was mine but it didn't have a watermark, so I went back through all the links that contained the photo. Tons of people had repinned it, not knowing who it was, or where it came from. My fault...I just didn't realize that it was going to be picked up by so many pinners, back there in 2012. People aren't trying to take credit for an image, just loving some inspiration and pinning it for that purpose, unaware of it's source.

These are some other photos from that same day out at Inspirational Home,
 here in Springfield, MO.

I've learned the hard way many times, of how important a watermark can be. I'm sure most of you have also. I know someone had a photo used by a magazine without permission because there was a dispute on who had actually taken the photo. It just gets sticky when things aren't marked. I was amazed at the timing of my reading Karen's post. What a big help it was, I wouldn't have known how to find it, otherwise.

OK, hope you enjoy a little Summertime inspiration from a couple of years ago, it's just as wonderful today as then. Have a Happy Weekend, we'll be cleaning the house and working on clearing out the garage. 

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