Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fashion for Fall

I think I've only posted about clothing as many times as I can count on one hand...maybe less. But lately I've been drawn to blogs that throw in a little current fashion. Don't worry, you won't find me snapping pics of myself daily, showing you what I'm wearing...cause let's face it, pajamas or yoga pants aren't all that interesting after the tenth time you'd see them. But I think it's fun to see what people choose to wear. What do clothes really have to say about a person? And besides, we know each other's houses, decor, even what we like to cook.

So...what are your go-to clothes on a normal day out? 

(I'm sure you all realize this isn't me...)
Ralph Lauren Fall 2011

This last six months I've dropped close to 20 pounds.Yes, I still need to take off another 10 or so, but I'm on the road. I'm 5 foot nothin' so 20 is like a miracle for me. Because of that, I'm having a little more fun thinking about what I wear. I'm basically a person that wants to be comfortable. I don't like fussy or fancy. Oh, I love a ruffle and some lace, but usually it's on a top with a pair of jeans. Bury me in my stretch jeans please. I'll be comfortable.

I even gave in to the colored denim trend this Fall...
pumpkin please...

also, brown and black.

And then there was the day I went out looking for a denim shirt.
...and came home with 3 of them.

Also need several of these...

And I identify with Nora Ephron
may she rest in peace.
I'm not happy with my neck...
Good grief, over 50 sometimes is a bummer.

So I wear a bunch of these
(just only one at a time)

 a basic black sweater

or a tailored white shirt.

gotta have some leopard in a cardigan

then give me a pair of boots...

And just this weekend 
I added one of these for those chilly drizzly days.

Now, do you know me a little better?
what about you,
what's your style?

Heading home from a weekend trip,
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