Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who they are...

My daughter Erin, and her husband Keith, recently had some professional photos taken at their home in St. Louis, (and the alley behind their 106 year old home). This is typical Erin; dress and heels, and Keith; jeans and a button down. couldn't be any better at getting to who they are. The grandpuppy, Vinnie, is also along for the shoot. "he's the baby, gotta love him." So I'm just sharing one photo here, and then asking you to click over to the website of the photographer, Kortni Wu. (Kortni has a sweet commentary on the shoot) Hope you enjoy...now excuse me while I wipe away a few mommy tears.

oh,  and I told Erin my favorite was when she was fixing her heel,
 but she said,
"actually I was kicking Keith's butt".
she's a hoot.
yes, notice the red soled bottoms,
they're her new Christian Louboutin's.

find the rest of the shoot, HERE

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