Friday, April 29, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #35 British Country Living

Hey Everyone!
I'm excited, after 12 days of non-stop rain and chill,
the sun is shining and my deck is begging for some sweet blooms.
Hopefully, this weekend I can get some potting done.

Are we ready for the wedding?
I can't say I'll be up at 3 am,
but I'm planning on catching it on all the news stations.

And since we've been celebrating "All things British" this week
I wanted to share with you a great magazine that I subscribe to.

I'm sure many of you subscribe or find it at Barnes and Noble,
and love it as much as I do.

It's a publication that I look forward to and savor over and over.
It's similar to our stateside Country Living Magazine,
but it really celebrates the "country" and rural lifestyle of Britain.

I'll take this one, please!!

And since I've always dreamed of living a country life in England,
well then you can just imagine,
that's it's really my "cup of tea".

The latest on home furnishings and decor trends, with a vintage feel,

Gardens from formal to wild...

Features on artists and craftspeople...

And wonderful layouts of country food and recipes;
Rustic to refined.

It's a little pricier than our American mags
 but really worth it if you like a fresh take on "English Country".

And here are a few posts from last week's
Vintage Inspiration Friday.

reminded us that Easter is all about "the Lamb"

Babs At Upstairs Downstairs gave us some Vintage Inspiration 
from a wonderful book.

Cami from Creating Yourself

shared this wonderful photo of Bleeding Heart
 and the story behind these lovely flowers.

Hope you'll join in today,
Anything vintage or vintage inspired!

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Hope you're having a great week.
Tomorrow my sis and I are heading to
The Seed Box Spring Open House and Barn Sale.
You know what that means...
awesome overload!!!!!
Lot's of photos next week!

Thanks to all of you who leave comments or join in for the party!
I appreciate you all and love seeing what you're up to.

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