Monday, April 5, 2010

You know you're a "Junker" when...'s Easter Sunday and you've just had a lovely dinner at an amazing out of town restaurant with your family, but you can still manage to find the time to raid a local antique mall, squeezing out every last minute there until they throw you out at 5:30! Ahhhh...a great day!

Perfect brown transferware tureen and crucifix,
yes, they will be staying with me.

Old mirror, books, a bread box...

The filigree work on this old crucifix is just so intricate

Tiny white pitcher

Love the shape of this shade.
 I have the perfect cut glass lamp to marry this to.

The kiddos in front of our after dinner coffee visit to Panera.

My three favorite guys.

Love that wind and glare,
it's always so flattering.

Just have to show the family photos,
I always love seeing yours!

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.



  1. Hello Debra, it sounds like you had a wonderful Easter.... I love your brown transferware, I collect that too, but it is so hard to come by around here... you have such a beautiful family... I also love your new header with the precious birds... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I can certainly relate! If there had been any antique shops open I would have been there too.
    Great the transferware tureen.

  3. Debra, your finds are just wonderful!! Aww..what a lovely family you have there! Women are so beautiful and the guys, oh so handsome! Thanks for sharing! I love family photographs too!


  4. I LOVE seeing the family photos! Good looking bunch if you ask me!

    You had quite the day! I LOVE that they had to kick you out! If that little pitcher ever goes missing...check my pockets :)

  5. How GORGEOUS is your family!!! LOVE the photos!!! And the little white pitcher? yum... so gorgeous!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter!!!


  6. sounds like a wonderful day. funny, they had to kick you out of the store! beautiful family!

  7. Hi Debra,
    you have a beautifull family, and found some real treasures, what a wonderfull day it has been, :) Dorthe

  8. Debra, you have a beautiful family. I know what you mean about the "Junker in us". My dear husband says that I am just a pity!. Ha! I love the tureen you got. It is lovely. Be blessed. Cindy

  9. Debra, you have a beautiful family and that cross is just beautiful. What a special day to find it!

  10. What a wonderful day! I've been ushered out of quite a few junk stores! Happy Easter Monday to you!...Kathi

  11. Hello fellow junker! Glad you had a wonderful day ~ wish I could have fit some junkin' in!! Your family is beautiful!

  12. Hi Debra ~ Sounds like a perfect day to me. Your family is beautiful ~ thanks for sharing your Easter with us.

  13. Your family is so beautiful, Debra! You really found some wonderful things. I love that shade, the mirror and the transferware!

  14. Love your junk! That crucifix is very pretty. What a great find on Easter. You have a lovely family.

  15. Debra amor, you found some lovely treasures! and yes sadly I know I am a junker...I sometimes find my best treasures when happen by my favorite thrift 20min before they close :) Besos, Rose

    Ps..Beautiful family :) You all look like you had a wonderful time!

  16. LOVE what you picked up and your family if beautiful.

  17. Debra
    What beautiful photos to share with all of us. How great is our God that you got family and junking in the same day!!! Love you xoxox


  18. Love your new treasures. The tureen and the crucifix are just stunning. Love the little pitcher and mirror too and old books are always a great find. The lamp shade is wonderful. I just finally found one today too. New shades are unreal expensive. So glad you all had a wonderful Easter. The family photos are wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  19. I'm jealous, Debra. I wish I could have been junking yesterday. Looks like you found some great goodies, especially the brown transferware. Glad to here you had a nice Easter.

    See you Wednesday!


  20. It sounds like the perfect day to me, Debra. You have a lovely family!


  21. You are toooo cute! Shame on you shopping on Easter;)! I love all of your goodies...great finds one and all!

    Your family is beautiful and so are you:)!

    I am happy to see you had a wonderful Easter!

  22. Love the pictures of the family and of the goods you found. I have a lampshade just like that one and I love it! Have a blessed evening Dear Debra!

  23. Wow girl, could the day have really been any better???? I love your brown transferware...JEALOUS!!!! and the pitcher too...DOUBLE JEALOUS!!!!
    Girl, you ARE a real "junker"!!!!
    That crucifix is beautiful...certainly a keeper.
    Well did you leave anything pretty at the market for others to buy????

  24. Lovely family photos, Debra! I just love all your great finds- my favorite is the transferware tureen!

  25. Hi Debra:
    Where do I start? First...Love the new header! It's you all over! And your girls look just-like-you...and your men-folk are a handsome lot, too!

    Then, on Easter, you go to a fabulous shop and find that stunning crucifix. That sweet little book, too (A Little Girl In Old New Orleans). You really scored, girlfriend!

    Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  26. Even though I only have a 30 minute lunch I managed to purchase some things at Goodwill today, so I relate too well... Great Family... Lezlee

  27. What a gorgeous tureen you picked up! I love it. Come visit my's all related to I'm having a $100 giveaway. Now I'm going to check out your giveaway! ~smiles

  28. Love seeing your family! I have a crucifix almost identical to that one that is gold, it's beautiful.

  29. beautiful family... and some really great fines... looks like you a great day(:

  30. Hi Debra, i'm so glad you had a wonderful Easter!!! You have such a beautiful family! and what a plus to get to go Anique shopping~~ looks like you found some great treasures!!! Blessings... Daphne

  31. what a beautiful family!
    I am so glad you love my giveaway goodies! I had fun too. thank you for your lovely comment.
    love your finds, hugs...
    your friend,

  32. Hi Debra! Your family is beautiful! Wow, you found some great treasures, that crucifix is wonderful and the brown transferware... love it! Theresa

  33. Debra, wonderful finds! You know what I did Easter afternoon, too,(he, he). Suprised we didn't run into each other, but then, there are Lots of places to go antiquing in our area. Your family is beautiful. I love seeing personal pictures, too! Have a nice day! Twyla

  34. I was so tempted to go out and treasure hunt but never made it...I will just enjoy your treasure...the best part not having to find them a home!
    Thanns for sharing!


  35. Thanks for visiting my blog. check out the new items I found on my blog. I just love hitting antique and thrift stores. There is just so much fun stuff to latch onto. check out my recent finds on my paper projects blog.

  36. Of course you're a true junker, as if there was any question!

    Okay, I'm blanking out on which daughter is the one on the far left in that last pic, but man, does she ever look exactly like you! And yes, that's a GOOD thing.

    Hair looks good, looks like you got most of the shoe polish out. ;-)


  37. A beautiful family you have!!! And lucky you for getting in some antiquing!


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