Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have a bad habit...

Well, yea, I have several, but one big one that is just because of laziness; Coming home with some great finds, and just leaving them in the garage all wrapped up or in a box. Sometimes I literally forget what I've purchased, only to weeks later be rummaging through things to see what to take to the booth space.

I showed you a photo of my garage last fall. I know, it was scary to witness that much stuff (really good stuff) lined up on both sides like the parting of the Red Sea. Moses would have himself been amazed at the precarious stacking and piling.

This was accomplished with the help of our son-in-law who is a master of organization. Uh huh, he organized, but then I couldn't find a blasted thing that I wanted, nor could I retrieve it, even if I did find it!

Well, that was last October and my husband has been "happier" because his vehicle didn't have to sit outside all winter, (of course mine did, but that's besides the point).

So..... I'm telling you all this backstory to say that I have a hundred great posts of good stuff just stashed out in the garage! I'm going to try to bring in a few things for mini photo shoots. It will help me in planning a display, and maybe you'll enjoy it too. I know what I love to see out there in blogland. I'm going to try to serve up a little.

I just love editing my photos, making them a little more "artsy".

This little screen I found last year and it was a real mess,
with several layers of wallpaper.
I stripped most of it off and white-washed it.
I think I'll use this for my backdrop.

Candlesticks found at Pheona's Market Sale last week.
And the "Baby Ben" clock, just like the one
I used during my teenage years.
Wow, was that thing slammed more than once!

Love this sepia photo of roses.

And one of my personal necklaces made out of an old shoe clip.

I'm holding on to this sweet little wire form,
I didn't find it cheap, but just had to have it.

I just changed my template to Minima Stretch
and I'm trying out the new mega sized photos,
with a neutral background.

I'm trying to rethink my own personal style here,
let me know what you think.

Now, just FYI, I only put out the garage photos
for those new to my blog...

just trying to keep it real folks.

love to you all,

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