Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cat and "Mouse Surgery"

This post title could bring many gruesome thoughts to mind, but I'm hoping that what I'm about to show you will save you some time, money, and a whole lot of aggravation. This is a post especially for cat people, although, everyday dust, dog hair etc. could also be a culprit.

Isn't he cute? But no, not this kind of mouse.

This kind of mouse!

I have a relatively new, really nice computer, that my husband bought for me last year, so when several weeks ago I started having "problems" with my mouse I told my husband and he took a look at it. He's pretty computer savvy. He took the rolling ball out of it and said, that I needed to watch out for cat hair, because they are very sensitive and a cat hair could cause it to lose contact with the mouse pad.

OK, interesting news. He worked on it and it did fine for about 2 weeks, then MORE of the same. Mouse won't go where I want it. It's in a little confined area of my screen, and makes me want to scream! SOOOOOO, more little rolly ball cleaning and OK for a few days. I cleaned the little sucker off just last night.

WELL, today, problems again. At this point I'm done with the rolly ball clean out, and picking fuzz out of the little rollers inside, so I decide FINE, I'll get to the bottom of this dang contraption and see what's REALLY going on.

You will have to enlarge this to get the full and fabulous effect!

 OK, stick with me. Here are the tools you will need for a cleanout. I guess I should have turned off my computer to prevent electrical bzzzzzzzzzt, but hey, I live on the edge, besides I had to see if it was working. So turn yours off before you start the surgical procedure!

Small Phillips screwdriver, tweezers (your must have tool) large needle for digging out cat hair that is wrapped around tiny plastic gears and wheels, and a clean make-up brush for final cleanup. Don't forget to pucker up and blow... a real necessity!

Open the back circular "ball opening" by twisting until it falls out, rolls in the floor, cats chase it and it gets lost under your desk, next get your screwdriver, unscrew, let the screw fall on the floor and end up with the rolly ball, and now's where the fun comes in if your sick and like gross filth. Get those tweezers and go to work. Pay particular attention to the little rollers and gears, pull out the tons of cat hair and then go Yuck three times. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Now find the screw, rolly ball, and attempt to put it all back together correctly. It took me several tries. But HEY, now my mouse has recovered, and I'm back to share all the good news with you!

 Just call me "Dr. D", I don't make house calls!

The lovable culprit!

Just thought you'd like to know...,



  1. Ha love the title. You need to get a mouse without the rolly ball so you don't have to say yuck three times and toss cat hair over your shoulder. ;)

  2. Oh my gosh...

    Don't have cats and have Yorkie who doesn't shed. My probblems are just the Oklahoma dust and wind. Same though...just a different level of YUCK!

    Thanks for the tips. I'm showing my guy this one!

    Love to you girly~


  3. Those darn computer problems...well I don't have any pets (my little guy is very allergic) so maybe this is one computer problem I won't get! My USB ports still don't work, ugh! Glad everything is working again for you!

    :) T

  4. I was about to say, "mouse lovers" would be yelling... ok, I get it now:) I don't have a kitty, so my ball just has dust! Although, most of my computing is done on my laptop and doesn't have a mouse. Glad you got it fixed and now you can carry on. I don know that there is a laser mouse these days but I haven't tried to use one! Have a blessed day!

  5. Laser mice are the best kind of mouse! I used to have a roller mouse, but the rubber from the roller used to clog up on the wheels after a bit, and I'd have to scrape the rubber off...that got old. Cat hair - not so much fun either!

  6. I'm always fighting with my mouse and now I know it isn't the mouse, its my four "office assistants" that are ALWAYS on my desk! Thanks for the tip and I have a cat, Sparky, that looks just like yours!! Take care.

  7. Don't you just hate when that happens. Glad you got it fixed I hate when the mouse won't go in the direction I want it to or gets stuck.

  8. Thank you for sharing. I have thrown out 2 mice??? is that was we call more then one computer mouse? Well anyways I have thrown them out because they would get stuck and I couldn't get them to work. Now I will go home and clean the mouse at home and not throw it away to purchase another.

  9. Dang, I don't understand how it got inside there!! Bella, our spoiled little chihuahua, sometimes sits on the front of my computer. She sheds something fierce for such a bitty thing, but so far the mouse hasn't eaten any! At least now I will know how to fix the problem.

    I LOVE my wireless mouse!!

  10. Whew, I am so glad it was surgery on that kind of "mouse". LOL.Very funny!

  11. He must really love laying on your mouse pad! You are quite the technician there, Debra! ~Mindy

  12. You have totally made my day. I am going to make DH read this when he comes home. He thinks I am the only one on earth who has these problems. LOL Sharon

  13. Debra you are too funny. Oh my..You made me laugh. I have a cat and i hate the hair thing. YUCK..My rolly ball is on the top of my mouse. So just took my rolly ball out and its dirty too. My ball justs pops out. No wander it was sticking. Hubby eats while using it. Oh well.

    Glad you got your problem fixed.

    Have a good one.


  14. I had to stop by and thank you for adding my giveaway to your sidebar...you are an angel!!!

    Your current post is just too cute!!! Th title really caught my eye;)!!!


  15. I Love the title!!! I was expecting a pic of some poor mangled mouse lol. I guess it kind of was ....

  16. You are so cute! Great job at explaining how to clean up. I am surprised I don't have mice problems because my oldest grandson uses my computer when he visits and seems to always have sticky hands. We must give him too many treats. You gave me a good giggle. I do like your little mouse print though.

  17. But it is so worth it to have that little piece of furry heaven as a companion. A small price to pay ~ huh? Blessings!

  18. What about cookie crumbs...?

    Snacking and blogging.



  19. funny Debra, I am so alergic to cats and so is my family... I didn't realize... I love my wireles mouse.
    Thank you again for your so sweet comment...

  20. You crack me up! I might just have to do mouse surgery tomorrow, but I'll likely need to call you in for a consult. ;-)
    Too cute!

  21. your culprit looks worth all the wait! great hints...


  22. But it's so much fun to throw them against the wall! Just kidding! I am the world's worst housekeeper, so I just got a laser and voila! Of course, I have to remember to dust around the connections. AAACK!

  23. I am so impressed that you fixed it yourself. I didn't even know they came apart. But I must add yuck, yuck & more yuck. Jan

  24. Oh no! I bet my mouse looks like that. I have three cats! What a cute little culprit you have. :)

  25. OK Dr. D! I'm rolling!!!!! Yes, because one of our cats LOVES to sit upon the desk by the mouse (drives dear hub batty) and its a wonder ours works, but I bet the inside loos exactly like that, yuck, yuck, yuck! LOL. Too funny!

    yapping cat


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